Maine Center for Coastal Fisheries developed the COMMUNITY FISH™ brand in 2010 as a way to market local hook-caught groundfish from our Sentinel Survey Fishery.

In 2013, we expanded the COMMUNITY FISH™ brand as a way for current groundfish fishermen to explore increasing profitability through traceability. Members of the Northeast Coastal Communities Sector as well as fishermen participating in the Sentinel Survey Fishery are selling catch under the COMMUNITY FISH™ brand. Each landed fish is tagged with the COMMUNITY FISH™ logo and a QR-Code. Consumers can “Meet our Fishermen” by scanning the code with their smart-phone’s QR-Code reader and learn who caught their fish, where, and how!

Community Fish


Steve Brown – F/V Tricia Clark, Cherryfield

Steve BrownSteve began his fishing career urchin diving in Casco Bay in ’87. He moved his urchin operation downeast in the early ’90’s and took up scalloping and tuna fishing with his uncle in Bath, ME in the off season. Steve bought his first boat in 1993, the F/V True North, and used it for tuna, scallop, and urchin fishing. Later, he bought another vessel, the F/V Pandalus, for shrimp dragging. Steve now owns and operates the F/V Tricia Clark with his wife and crew Tricia, participating in various surveys in collaborative research, including the State of Maine Sea Urchin Survey and Lobster Surveys, the Cobscook Fish Community Survey operated by the University of Maine, and the Sentinel Survey Fishery with U-Maine and Penobscot East. Steve supplies Port Clyde Fresh Catch and Maine Shellfish Co. with fresh hook-caught groundfish from the survey. Steve enjoys the independence of being on the ocean and participating in work that helps the health of fisheries in eastern Maine.