Ecosystem Co-Management Pilot in Downeast Maine

If there’s anything fishermen can agree on, it’s that nothing stays the same for long.  Weather, ocean conditions, fish stocks, regulatory schemes are all in a constant state of flux.  This is especially true now as climate change bears down on the fishing industry, causing changes in ocean temperature and fish dynamics.  Penobscot East advocates for a management system that based, not on species by species rules and regulations, but on a multi-scaled ecosystem basis where real-time observations enable a nimble management system that can rapidly adapt to changing conditions.  We believe that eastern Maine is the ideal location to pilot an ecosystem-based co-management model of fisheries governance, and that Penobscot East is perfectly poised to lead this change.  It will take a community-based approach that begins with local knowledge and responsibility, coupled with cutting-edge science and visionary fisheries managers and regulators.  It is our best hope for creating both sustainable fisheries and fishing communities in Maine and beyond.