Touch tank at Penobscot EastEducating and supporting the next generation of fishermen, managers and scientists

Maine Center for Coastal Fisheries is committed to public education on fishing and fisheries issues. Our outreach takes many forms and operates at different levels.  The opening of our building in 2010 enabled us to significantly increase our ability to serve the community and provide educational opportunities.

Downeast Fisheries Center

The Downeast Fisheries Center, located in the heart of our waterfront headquarters, is a permanent public education and exhibit space.  The Center provides an opportunity for locals, visitors and students to learn about the issues confronting the Maine fisheries industry and to develop an understanding of the Gulf of Maine ecosystem.  We strive to provide an interactive experience.  In 2013 we opened a Touch Tank that brings marine life to the Center for all to see.  The Downeast Fisheries Center is staffed Sunday through Friday from 10am – 4pm.

Community Conference Space

A large conference/meeting room at Maine Center for Coastal Fisheries’ headquarters is frequently booked with our own meetings or those of other non-profits: Island Heritage Trust, Island Fishermen’s Wives, Maine Coast Heritage Trust, Stonington Working Lobster Group, and numerous other impromptu fishermen’s gatherings to discuss bait, rule changes, floating rope, and other topics.

Seafood and Markets

Fishing communities are only sustainable if there is both abundant resource as well as a robust market for fish.  Maine Center for Coastal Fisheries works to create higher value for local fish and develops programs to make sustainable fishing financially sustainable as well.  Fishing resources should command a fair price and be available as good, healthy seafood.