Marine Studies Pathway


Maine Center for Coastal Fisheries partnered with Deer Isle-Stonington High School and other organizations to launch a new high school program that is based on and around the sea.  Students learn in the community, on the shore, and on the water, working alongside teachers, scientists, fishermen, and local marine professionals.  The Marine Studies Pathway, which launched in 2013:

  • Uses marine related issues to engage students in academic learning and “learning how to learn.”
  • Exposes students to a wide-range of both known and emerging marine related careers, as well as other careers that can be made possible by a marine-related education.
  • Provides students with a meaningful education that prepares them for any post-secondary option.
  • Develops future citizens and leaders who can speak for themselves, especially graduates who will stay in or return to this community.
  • Helps sustain the local fishing economy and way of life in response to economic, climatic, regulatory, and technological changes.