New Entrants

Fshing with Captain Jason Joyce and his assistant Andrew Haney near Swans Island, ME

Maine Center for Coastal Fisheries’ New Entrant Fishermen Program is designed to help small-scale, owner-operator fishermen diversify their fishing business by entering new fisheries. Maine Center for Coastal Fisheries partnered with Amplifier Strategies and Cape Cod Fisheries Trust to develop Fish Hub. Fish Hub features state-of-the-art financial planning tools specifically designed for a fishing business; fishermen can plan for a change in their business and predict – to the extent possible – whether or not the new venture will work out. After careful planning, staff at Maine Center for Coastal Fisheries will help fishermen with permit transfers should they decide to enter a new fishery. Fishermen can also make changes to their current operation to help lower operating expenses and increase profitability with better marketing techniques. Our New Entrant’s program takes the guesswork out of a new business venture and lowers financial risk for small-scale commercial fishermen. This program received funding from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation’s Fisheries Innovation Fund.