Graduate Student Projects

Dr. Carla Guenther, Senior Scientist at Maine Center for Coastal Fisheries, holds an Adjunct Faculty position with the University of Maine, Orono.  In this capacity she leads Graduate Seminars and serves on Master Thesis Committees. Maine Center for Coastal Fisheries has sponsored several graduate students conducting research on fisheries science and management.   She is helping to develop leadership and co-management skills in the next generation of fisheries managers.

Two graduate students do research in conjunction with Maine Center for Coastal Fisheries.
Graduate Student Julia Beaty2Julia Beaty is researching the growth, life history, and habitat preferences of Atlantic halibut off the coast of Maine.   She works with fishermen’s knowledge of halibut life history and habitat. This project stems from the Halibut Alliance of Maine- a fishermen’s organization formed in the 2010 C-FAR.


Graduate Student Noah OppenheimNoah Oppenheim’s research uses the nearly 25 year lobster settlement index to test if catches can be reliably predicted by the abundance of juvenile lobsters.