Scallop Co-Management

Maine Center for Coastal Fisheries demonstrated the effectiveness of C-FAR in 2012 when the Division of Marine Resources asked Maine Center for Coastal Fisheries to use the process to establish a workable management plan for the reopening of the closed scallop fishery.  Throughout the year we convened nearly 100 workshops that brought together 65 scallop fishermen with the state scallop manager to hash out a new long-term scallop management plan.   Using the C-FAR model of co-management, fishermen and state managers agreed to a system of rotational closures, using closure lines proposed by fishermen themselves. Several fishermen were actively involved during the season in monitoring the catch to facilitate real-time closures. Three of the fishermen engaged through the process were appointed to co-management leadership positions on the state’s advisory councils. Based on the success of the scallop project, Maine Department of Marine Resources has asked us to expand our C-FAR workshops to other fisheries including shrimp, urchin, and groundfish.

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